Sam Sez

Date: November 30, 1999

Question: "What do Satellites and Online Brokers Have in Common?"

Answer:They are now indexed and tabulated on Barkley's OASIS(R)!

Barkley's OASIS(R) now provides quick market capitalization, prices, price changes and other views on both investment banking firms - online and traditional - as well as satellite oriented companies.

These tables or indices give a quick insight into the relative and absolute valuations of key representative securities.

In fact, the increased movement towards wireless trading and financial transactions makes these two tables useful in evaluating and comparing technological and financial convergence.

These illustrative tools quantify ideas of relative value and market capitalization for firms in industries such as technology or finance. To visit, simply click:

  • Indexes/Tables: Investment Firms

  • Indexes/Tables: Satellites

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