RAMSŪ Technical Specifications

Client Platform

RAMSŪ operates using the following hardware and Operating Systems:

a) RAMSŪ requires* a 100Mhz Pentium workstation with 50MB of available disk space and a minimum of 16MB RAM. However a Pentium II with 32MB RAM is desirable for major operations.

b) RAMSŪ requires a Windows95/98 or NT environment and MS Excel 7.0.

c) RAMSŪ may reside on a Netware 3.11 or Windows NT server.

*RAMSŪ was originally designed on 486/50Mhz workstations with 16MB of RAM. An older version compatible with Windows 3.x/NT Workstation 3.51 and MS Excel 5 is available.

Product will run on Novell 3.11-4.x or Windows NT Server 3.51/4 and is expected to run seamlessly on Banyan Vines 4.x - 5.x. PREFERRED PLATFORM is Novell Netware.

There is no preferred protocol for connecting remote users to the system since RAMSŪ is an Excel application. If your system users can access Excel now they will be able to access RAMSŪ provided they have proper access permissions.

RAMSŪ currently supports access via standard Windows protocols that exist in your environment today.

Security Features

RAMSŪ resides on a network which should require authorized users to login using login name and password and currently requires secondary Login and Password to access the information contained therein.

RAMSŪ identifies each user by User ID and Password which is over and above the Operating system login. These User IDs determine which information is to be selected and the current maximum number is 6 and minimum is 3. The "as is" product does not restrict two or more users with the same ID from being logged in at the same time. Plans exist to program this feature into future releases of the RAMSŪ product.

RAMSŪ has the capability to permission certain users to certain functions and function groups.

APIs, Custom Programming, and Software Interfaces

RAMSŪ utilizes Microsoft Excel as its API.

Microsoft C/C++ DLLs and Microsoft Excel macro language.

RAMSŪ supports all database engines supported by Microsoft Excel.

RAMSŪ can be accessed by any applications that can access Microsoft Excel data.

Security Functions are accessible via C code manipulation; Calculation functions are accessible within Microsoft Excel.

System Capacity

Simultaneous sessions are limited by the traffic constraints on the existing network to which it is installed.


RAMSŪ supports all printers currently available to Microsoft Excel.

No recommended printers.

System Configuration and Administration

System configuration changes are made via C code module (DLLs) updating. Administrative changes are made via Microsoft Excel Macro programming.

The internal User Name and Password for regular users determines which data RAMSŪ imports into the Excel spreadsheet, thereby limiting access to that User. Furthermore, since the system is customized by each user's report needs, such information is kept confidential.

Dial-Up Access

Limitation on dial-up are dependent upon existing architecture at Client and the limitation of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Windows NT.

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