Risk Analysis Management System for the Y2K

Risk Management Software for every milleniumsm

RAMSŪ takes the 3-M approach to risk management. The three M's are:

These three aspects are interrelated and define the historic, contemporary and expectational aspects of the risk management process. The third factor enables the function to be proactive and not passive. The proactive feature can transform a cost center operation into a dynamic P/L hub.

RAMSŪ software allows organizations to pursue all three tasks. By systematically integrating all traders, desks, regions into a global system, the enterprise software presents a clear picture, both numerically and graphically, of the firm's entire positions. This presentation is on a position-by-position, trader-by-trader, and desk-by-desk perspective.

RAMSŪ has another key benefit: Flexible licensing. Unlike other financial software which gets your organization boxed in deeply with costly rewrites and severe restrictions, RAMSŪ is adaptable. To find out more, contact us today.

For more information see the RAMSŪ Executive Summary

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And, here for RAMSŪ Convertible Securities Software Modules.

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