OASIS: Overlay Asset Strategies Investment System

OASIS™ software is an extension of the RAMS® system. Here, OASIS™ represents Overlay Asset Strategies Investment System. The software permits a portfolio or risk manager to quickly survey actual open positions as well as ones under consideration. Key extensions are the emphasis on trading decisions versus measuring and monitoring other managers' actions. OASIS™ gives you both proactive risk management capability (middle office functionality) and trading/investment management (front office functionality) in one uniform, consistent product. In can be integrated into many front office networks or introduced as a stand alone product.

Both OASIS™ and RAMS® can help you overcome year 2000 (Y2K) problems. The systems run in Windows̉ environments and are easily updated to accommodate new financial products. The software runs popular worksheets and does not require a massive structural implementation. These systems were initially developed as noninvasive trading and operations support products. An important feature is that they permit parallel processing, which independently analyzes desk and portfolio positions. Also, both software products can be quickly assimilated into various existing systems.

The structure is open-ended and works best with live datafeeds. In the absence of current market prices, it can update portfolio valuations by dynamic pricing or manual overrides.

OASIS™ seminal academic research began in 1969 and its professional usage commenced in the 1970s.

OASIS™ has another key benefit: Flexible licensing. Unlike other financial software which gets your organization boxed in deeply with costly rewrites and severe restrictions, OASIS™ is adaptable. To find out more, contact us today.

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