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Net Safety and Security High Priority After Y2K (November 30, 1999)

After today, there is only one more month to go for the quarter, the year, and other time spans. With the preoccupation of Y2K and potential problems, it is easy to loose sight of other opportunities.

Assuming, that most goes well, the next issue will be intense focus on internet and network related security. Yes, there are a number of firms which target this area but most have been brushed aside by the nuts-and-bolts of remediating legacy systems to cope with the rollover over of "99" to "2000".

Increasing the security features of e-businesses and significantly insulating corporate databases from viruses, fraud, or malicious attacks should be the next key task.

In many ways, it is comparable to the Old West. Real migration and substantial development occurred after safety and transportation were enhanced.

So too is this true with the web. More activity will follow as user comfort levels increase about privacy and security of physical and financial transactions.

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