Litigation Support Services

Securities, Collateralized Obligations, and Derivatives

We participate in actions pertaining to pension plans, investment portfolios, market making and risk management programs. The support work varies from pricing one security to evaluating a portfolio constructed with complex securities. Some of these securities are collateralized obligations with multiple option characteristics. Others are convertibles, options, and equities.

We analyze the term structure of interest rates, movements in the securities markets, hedging and investment programs for convertibles, equities, and credit market instruments. We evaluate excessive costs and transactions claims and the adequacy of mark-to-market updates for Over-the-Counter securities. We examine securities dependent on the treasury curve, short selling, and short market equivalent positions.

Our assignments vary. Sometimes, it is sufficient to explain in simple language the complex securities listed in prospectuses. At other times, we compute expected security behavior across different interest rate, prepayment, and event scenarios.

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