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Q - Is the Commodity Futures Symbol which represents the August Delivery Month.

Q.E. or QE - See Quantitative Easing. Other usages or references may be to Queen Elizabeth the person or a vessel bearing that name.

QPP - Is a Qualified Pension Plan.

Quad - Refers to four (4) or can be used as a contracted form of the term quadrant.

Qualified Plan - Is a retirement account or plan that meets tax law requirements which permit the deferment of tax and the tax-free accumulation or appreciation of assets held within the plan.

Quant - Is a person who is mathematical by training or inclination and applies various numerical approaches in analyzing or trading securities or markets.

Quantitative Analysis - Is the practice of using numerical techniques in researching securities, markets, strategies and structures.

Quantitative Easing - Refers to Quantitative Easing. This is a program instituted by a Central Bank to try to expand money. When low interest rates do not spur on monetary expansion due to behavioral constraints on borrowing/lending then a central bank may try to inject funds into the system by purchasing various assets such as government or corporate bonds. In recent years, the breadth of the definition and types of assets purchased has broadened. However, there are numerous disputes as whether particular central banks have exceeded their authority in terms of quality, quantity and types of assets.

Quanto - Is an option feature which removes foreign currency risk from a derivative transaction from the investor's viewpoint. It is built into the structure. Quantos are also known as Guaranteed Exchange Rate Contracts. The purpose is hedge or lock in a known currency exchange rate.

Quick Assets - Refer to current assets which are readily convertible into cash. These quick assets are often defined as current assets minus inventory values.

Quick Asset Ratio - Refers to the ratio of cash, cash equivalents and accounts receivable relative to the total current liabilities. It is also known as the Acid Test Ratio. This measure of liquidity is more rigorous than the Current Ratio.

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