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K - Is the Commodity Futures Symbol which represents the May Delivery Month.

Kappa - Is an option term sometimes used as a synonym for vega, lambda or sigma. See Vega.

Karat - Is a measure of the purity of gold. Twenty-four karat (24K) is considered as pure gold. See Fineness.

KCBT - Is the Kansas City Board of Trade.

Keogh Plan - Is a retirement plan that can be established by a self-employed person. Currently, the maximum allowable annual contribution is $30,000. This contribution has benefits comparable to other qualified plans, such as IRAs. Among these are the reduction of income during the earned calendar year and tax-free growth or compounding until the time of withdrawal. It should be noted that other provisions apply.

Knockin - Is an option feature which triggers the activation of an option contract. See Down-and-In and Up-and-In.

Knockout - Is an option feature which triggers the cessation or kills an option contract. See Down-and-Out and Up-and-Out.

Kurtosis - Is the statistic which describes the degree of peakedness or flatness of a probability distribution relative to the benchmark normal distribution. See Leptokurtic (Leptokurtosis) and Platykurtic (Platykurtosis).

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