J - Return to Index

J - Is the Commodity Futures Symbol which represents the April Delivery Month.

January Effect - Is the tendency for small capitalization stocks to exhibit an upward bias in their price behavior. Some analysts believe that this may be partially attributable to the influence of index funds buying stocks for various retirement plans. Such new contributions would be qualified to commence in January. Also, the marginal impact of such purchases would be greater on smaller capitalization issues as opposed to larger capitalization stocks.

JIT - Refers to Just-in-Time inventory management.

Joint Tenancy - Is a type of an account which has multiple owners.

Joint Tenants by the Entirety - Is a method of joint ownership. It is allowed for married couples only. There are issues relating to assets and liabilities. This form of ownership may offer some protection for the innocent spouse against creditor claims.

Joint Tenants in Common - Is a type of an account whereby the death of an owner sets aside the deceased's beneficial ownership for the estate. Surviving tenants do not necessarily acquire further interests in the account. Generally, the account ownership percentage is assumed to be pro rata. That is, if there are two owners of record each is assumed to own a 50 percent interest in the account. If there are five owners, then each is assumed to own a 20 percent interest in the account. However, the percentages do not have to be equal. In such cases written documentation is necessary to indicate unequal portions because the general assumption is equal shares.

Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship - Is a type of account which permits multiple owners. In the event of death, the surviving holders acquire greater ownership interests until there is only one survivor who becomes the 100 percent beneficial owner. Generally, this type of an account is setup for spouses. There can be various interrelated estate planning issues.

JT - See Joint Tenancy, Joint Tenants in Common, and Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship.

JTIC also JT TIC - See Joint Tenants in Common.

JTWROS - See Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship.

Juice - Has many meanings. It can refer to power, such as, electrical, economic, financial, political or social.

It also refers to orange juice futures or Frozen Concentrate Orange Juice (FCOJ).

Jump Bonds - Are issues which are conditioned on an event or series of events. When the event - such as breaking a prepayment collar - occurs, it triggers a predetermined movement to another payment arrangement. This type of bond occurs in collateralized obligation structures.

Jump (Diffusion Process) - Is the phenomenon by which a market experiences a significant departure from a price level. This departure can be either higher or lower. It is thought that these occurrences support "fat tails" assumptions and methodologies. These fat tails alter the statistical expectations of normal curve procedures. The graphical appearance of this occurrence looks as a gap in the data or it chart.

Junk Bonds - Refer to non-investment grade debt securities. Sometimes, these issues are called high yield securities. These securities have credit ratings below Baa/BBB-.

JV - Refers to a Joint Venture.

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