Family Office Risk Management Support

Our primary focus is finance and the capital markets. We have extensive hands-on experience in trading, risk management, and research. As experts, we provide insight, quantitative analysis, and consultation. Our financial and technological services quantify day-to-day investment and portfolio risk management issues.

We service: family offices, banks, brokers, dealers, money managers, pension plans, traders, government, corporate headquarters, and individual investors.

Issues range from pricing a single security to evaluating a complex derivatives portfolio; suitability; excessive brokerage, commissions, fees and execution charges; trade reconstructions, particularly, when evidence or first order documentation is missing, damaged, or destroyed; accounts reconciliations; commodity and financial futures and options; short selling; financial impacts and damages analyses; consultation about industry practices and standards; compliance; and portfolio risk management.

We are a fee and licensing based organization. We do not participate in commissions.

Put the power of knowledge to your advantage.

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