The following is a list of recommended books. These books are available from AMAZON books directly from this site. If you would like to purchase or see reviews on one of these books just click on them.

Computational Finance 1999
by Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa (Editor), Blake Lebaron (Editor), Andrew W. Lo (Editor), Abu-Mostafa Yaser S. (Editor), Andreas S. Weigend (Editor)

A Practical Guide to Heavy Tails : Statistical Techniques and Applications
by Robert J. Adler (Editor), R. Feldman (Editor), M.S. Taqqu

Building Financial Derivatives Applications with C++:
by Robert Brooks

Modelling Extremal Events for Insurance and Finance (Applications of Mathematics, Vol 33)
by Paul Embrechts, Claudia Kluppelberg, Thomas Mikosch, M. Yor (Editor), I. Karatzas (Editor)

Option Valuation under Stochastic Volatility : with Mathematica Code
by Alan L. Lewis

Elementary Stochastic Calculus With Finance in View (Advanced Series on Statistical Science & Applied Probability, Vol 6)
by Thomas Mikosch

Statistical Analysis of Extreme Values : From Insurance, Finance, Hydrology and Other Fields
by R.D. Reiss, M. Thomas

Numerical Methods in Finance (Publications of the Newton Institute)
by L. C. G. Rogers (Editor), D. Talay (Editor)

Pricing Financial Instruments: The Finite Difference Method
by Domingo Tavella, Curt Randall

Interest Rate Modelling: Financial Engineering
by Nick Webber, Jessica James

Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance
by Paul Wilmott, C. A. Tisdell


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