The following is a list of recommended books. These books are available from AMAZON books directly from this site. If you would like to purchase or see reviews on one of these books just click on them.

Active Asset Allocation : State-Of-The-Art Portfolio Policies, Strategies & Tactics (Institutional Investor Publication)
by Robert D. Arnott (Editor), Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Active Equity Portfolio Management
by Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Advances in the Valuation & Management of Mortgage-Backed Securities
by Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Analysis of Financial Statements
by Pamela Peterson (Editor), Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Applied Equity Valuation
by T. Daniel Coggin (Editor), Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Asset-Backed Securities
by Anand K. Bhattacharya (Editor), Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Bank Loans: Secondary Market and Portfolio Management
by Frank J. Fabozzi (Editor)

Bond Markets: Analysis and Strategies
by Frank J. Fabozzi (Preface)

Capital Markets: Institutions and Instruments
by Frank J. Fabozzi, Franco Modigliani

Collateralized Mortgage Obligations : Structure and Analysis
by Frank J. Fabozzi, Chuck Ramsey

Corporate Bonds : Structures & Analysis
by Richard S. Wilson, Frank J. Fabozzi

Credit Union Investment Management
by Frank J. Fabozzi, Mark Wickard (Contributor)


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