BESTŪ  Pricing System

The BESTŪ Pricing (Benchmark Estimated) System is compatible with the RAMSŪ program. The pricing system starts with benchmark estimates and proceeds to generate new implied prices for less actively traded issues. The BESTŪ Pricing System adaptively evaluates attributed prices for particular instruments on a hierarchical, sequential basis. It dynamically calculates the specified positions from a day-to-day trader's perspective. This technology is a good proxy for quickly computing positions and portfolio values. For more complex instruments, such as exotic CMOs and complex options, additional end-of-day, end-of-week or end-of-month pricing techniques could be used to cross-check results or to plant new seed prices. The BESTŪ prices can be overridden manually by the Administrator in cases of dramatic market moves or special information.

These dual temporal approaches are desirable because they tend to lead to converging values. Monte Carlo operations are valuable but they consume time. This can be cumbersome for rapid intraday evaluations, but warranted for systemic integrity. If the organization is currently using internal or external pricing and other evaluators, the Administrator can input that information manually.

BESTŪ has another key benefit: Flexible licensing. Unlike other financial software which gets your organization boxed in deeply with costly rewrites and severe restrictions, BESTŪ is adaptable. To find out more, contact us today.

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