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    Investing for Beginners

    This section focuses on Investing for Beginners. If you are a novice to investments, then read on. If you are more advanced search the NAVBAR CONTENTS selections.

    As an investor you start with a few basics. Among these are:

    • Information
    • Some Investable Money
    • Time

    As you will discover the three items are interrelated.

    There are two basic approaches to investing. These are:

    Passive or active can apply to you or your money manager.

    There are numerous asset classes. Among these are:

    • Stocks or Equities
    • Bonds, Notes, Certificates of Deposit and other Credit Instruments
    • Convertible Securities and/or Hybrid Securities
    • Options
    • Futures
    • Other Derivatives
    • Mortgages and Mortage Backed Securities (MBS)
    • Real Estate and/or other Real Property Related Securities
    • Bullion
    • Collectibles such as Art, Antiques, and Coins

    There are various analytical methodologies. Among these are:

    • Fundamental
    • Quantitative, Mathematical or Statistical
    • Technical
    • Relative Value or Spreading
    • Conditional, Expectational, or Probabilistic
    • Computerized or Black Box

    These methods can be used singularly or combinatorially. Some authors may categorize subsets differently.

    Trading or investing horizons vary. A few of these timeframes are:

    • Day Trading
    • Market Making
    • Buy and Hold Until Maturity
    • Buy and Hold
    • Buy and Rotate (Indexation)
    • Short Selling
    • Buy, Sell, Hold, or Go Neutral basis Analysis or Signals

    These investment horizons can be used exclusively or interactively.

    What is right for you? It depends on your comfort level of living with risk while trying to attain your investment goals. You have to reasonably relate rewards versus risks.

    Successful investing is a process of learning while earning.

    If you prefer private counseling or money management consulting services consider us. We are a fee based organization. We do not participate in commissions.

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