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Y2K - Refers to the Year 2000. It is often associated with a computer software problem frequently referred to as the Y2K bug. This is the inability of software to recognize dates greater than December 31, 1999.

Yellow Book - Refers to a ISO 9660 compliant CD-ROM format using mode 1 addressing. Compact discs utilizing this format can be played on the majority of CD-drives. This is the industry standard format for the majority of multimedia programs developed for the PC.

YMODEM - Refers to a file transfer protocol developed by Chuck Forsberg and is most commonly used between modems. It is a successor to XMODEM and has lead to the development of ZMODEM. Y-MODEM is a batch protocol and can use up to 1-kilobyte packets.

YMODEM-G - Is a streaming derivative of YMODEM engineered for errorless connections. This protocol allows for the transmitter to send packets to the receiver as fast as possible by, much like UDP, not waiting for ACKs. Errors in the transmission will cause the entire file transfer to halt.

yo-yo list - See Stack.

YP - Refers to Yellow Pages.

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