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VAR or VARs - Refer to Value Added Resellers. In Financial Risk Management it refers to Value at Risk.

VCDU - Refers to a Virtual Channel Data Unit.

VDT - Refers to a Visual Display Terminal.

Venician, The - See James Stirling.

Visitor or Visitors - Refers to the number of parties who view a site. It does not necessarily take into account the uniqueness of each visitor.

VNIR - Refers to Visible and Near InfraRed.

VoIP - Refers to Voice over Internet Protocol.

Volatile Memory - Refers to data storage that does not retain information if power to it is interupted for an elongated period of time.

VPN - Is a Virtual Private Network.

VQ - Is Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization.

VQF - Is the file format for Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization.

VSAT - Is a Very Small Aperture Terminal.

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