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QBE - Is a Query By Example; a term typically used when speaking of RDBMSes.

QIC - Is a Quarter Inch Cartridge.

QPSK - Refers to Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying.

Quad - Refers to four (4) or can be used as a contracted form of the term quadrant.

Quantum Computer - Refers to computers based on QBITS.

Query - Is a question or a request for information, data or other response.

Queue - Is a line or place of storage. Print jobs are often spooled to a queue based on pre-established priorities.

QUOTELIB™ - Refers to a library of commands that allows a programmer to integrate real time and delayed stock price quotes into their applications.

QWERTY - Refers to the key scheme for the standard English language keyboard. The other common scheme is DVORAK. Both refer to the first 6 letters in the upper left of the alphabetic part of the keyboard. Both were ordered in attempts to optimize the speed of typing.

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