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Kepler, Johannes - See Johannes Kepler.

K - Refers to 1,000. See Kilo or See Kilobyte.

KB - See Kilobyte.

kb - See Kilobits.

kbs - Refers to Kilobits per second.

Kerberos - Is a security system based on symmetric key cryptography.

Kermit - Is a common program used for transfering files and terminal emulation. It is available from Columbia University.

Kilo - Refers to 1,000.

Kilobit or Kilobits - Is 1,000 bits.

Kilobyte - Is a term with dual meanings. When it describes data transfers a kilobyte is 1,000 bytes. When it describes data storage a kilobyte is 1,024 bytes.

Kilometer - Is 1,000 Meters.

Kludge or Kludges - Is a quick, not best, fix to a problem. A kludge often works for the wrong reason.

It is also the RFC headers to an email. These show where the email originated and through which servers it passed. They also may show the final destination as well as the times it passed through each server.

Kluge - See Kludge.

km - See Kilometer.

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