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Jakob Bernoulli - Was a professor of Mathamatics at Basel in Switzerland. Bernoulli was the author of a book "Ars Conjectandi" which contains some of the ideas and priciples used within Probability Theory. Thus, one of the fundamental concepts of probability theory, the Bernoulli Trial, is named after him.

James Stirling - Was a Scottish Mathmatician who, because of his political beliefs, was forced to leave Oxford and moved to Venice. From Greece he published papers in London with the help of Sir Issac Newton. Newton in the late 1720s helped Stirling return to England. Stirling is famed for his formula for approximating large numbers and for surveying the River Clyde.

Java or JAVA - Is an object oriented programming language. It was intended to be platform independent.

JDK - Refers to Java Developers Kit or Java Development Kit.

jpeg or JPEG - Is the Joint Picture Experts Group. It refers to a graphics format often used for photographs or subtle, multicolor images.

Johannes Kepler - Is credited with discovering the three laws of planetary motion. He also showed us how logarithms work. Kepler demonstrated a method of calculating the volumes of solids basis revolutions.

JPL - Is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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