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UDP - Refers to the User Datagram Protocol.

Is a User Datagram Packet.

Unique Visitor or Unique Visitors - Refers to a statistically indentifiable individual or unit who visits a site. It is important in determining how many unique parties are viewing a site. A site may have five hits but all by the same party. It may have five hits and four by one party and one by another and so on. It is one measurement of breadth of usage.

UPD - Refers to User Performance Data.

Upload or Uploads - Is the transfer of data, information or files from a local site to a remote site. Often viewed in terms of a local user or programmer modifying or updating files hosted at a remote server.

UPS - Refers to total uploads.

Is a User Planning System.

USB - Refers to an Universal Serial Bus.

UTC - Is Coordinated Universal Time.

URL, URLs, or URLS - Refer to Universal Resource Locations.

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