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RAD - Refers to Rapid Application Development.

RAID - Is a Redundant Array of Independent Devices. (aka. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks and Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives. ) It refers to the practice of storing data on several drives so as to improve performance and increase fault tolerance.

A RAID drive system appears to the operating system as a solitary logical hard drive. RAID technology uses the striping technique, partitioning each drive's storage space into units ranging from 512 bytes to several Megs. These strips are interleaved and addressed in order.

RAM - Refers to Random Access Memory or its amount.

RAMSŪ - Is an enterprise-wide risk analysis and management software system which measures, monitors and manages positions in a real-time environment.

Rapid Application Development - Refers to computer aided software engineering and computer aided software engineering tools.

RDAG - Is a Rooted Directed Acyclic Graph. RDAG is synonymous with BDD.

RDBMs or RDBMS - Are Relational Data Base Management Systems.

RDD - Is the Return Data Delay.

real - Refers to a real number.

real number or Real Number - Is a whole number and its decimal. For example, 5 is a whole number, 5.5 is a real number.

record - Is a grouping of several data types. In C this is refered to as a struct.

Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram - Is an OBDD where no multiple of distinct nodes have the same variable name and successors (high and low). Also, no specific node may have identical high and low successors.

RegEx or RegExp - Refer to a regular expression.

Regular Expression - Is a way of representing data using symbols. They are often used within matching, searching or replacing algorithms.

Repeater - Refers to equipment that receives, amplifies, and re-transmits signals in order to maintain adequate signal strength.

Remote - Refers to a computer, host, or server which is viewed as spatially distant from the user. For example, a webmaster may upload new or modified files from his or her local computer to the remote host or server. It often describes a frame of reference.

Request For Comments - Are standards defining internet protocols.

RF - Is Radio Frequency.

Richard Edwin Stearns Ph.D. - Is a distinguished professor at the University of Albany who received his Doctorate from Princton University in New Jersey. He was awarded a Turing Award Citation (1993) for his paper that gives a precise definition of the complexity measure defined by computation time on Turing machines. This paper, written with the aid of Juris Hartmanis, provides the base for computational complexity theory.

Right Hand Circular Polarization - Refers to a method of radio energy emission where the electric and magnetic field vectors rotate clockwise about the central axis of radiation.

RISC - Is a Reduced Instruction Set Computer.

RFC - See Request for Comments.

ROBDD - Refers to a Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram.

Robot or Robots - Are automated or dynamic programs. They may have specific or limited targets or functions. Sometimes, they may scour the web looking for new material, verifying links and other functionalities.

ROM - Is Read Only Memory

roof or roof() - Refers to a function that rounds data up to the next integer.

root, ROOT and r00t - Refers to the main supervisor level account on a UNIX system. Root, also refers to the base directory or folder in a filesystem.

Rooted Directed Acyclic Graph - See Binary Decision Diagram.

round or round() - Is typically a function that rounds up to one if .5 or greater and to zero if less then .5.

RS - Is the Reed-Solomon error detection code.

RTADS - Is the Real-time Altitude Determining System.

It can refer to Real Time Analysis Display System.

Also, it may refer to Remote Tower Alphanumeric Display System.

RTM - Is Read the Manual.

RTT - Refers to Round-Trip Time.

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