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PAC - Refers to Partial Aperture Calibration.

Paliath Narendran Ph.D. - Dr. Narendran received his doctorate from The Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute. His work includes research on the computational complexity of problems in the areas of equational reasoning and equational unification, especially in theories with associative and commutative operators. His focus is Formal Verification.

Palm - Often refers to a palmtop computer, a PDA or small cellular device or notebook.

PAM - Refers to Pulse Amplitude Modulation.

Parallel Transmission - Refers to moving data one character at a time.

parent - Is a process, frame, class or window that has spawned derivative frames, windows, processes, classes or children.

Pass-band - Is the frequency range handled by a satellite's transponder.

PCD - Is Payload Correction Data.

PCM - Refers to Pulse-Code Modulation.

PDA - Is a Portable Digital Assistant. A PDA is smaller than a laptop and does not have a keyboard built in like a palmtop. PDAs are typically used for sending or receiving emails, taking notes or storing addresses. Many palm devices provide a cradle or infrared device to hotsync or beam information to a desktop system. Some models come equipped with cellular-links or satellite links.

PDB - Is a Project Database.

pdf or PDF - Refers to Portable Document Format.

PDL - Refers to a Push Down List or Propositional Dynamic Logic. It is also a force equal to 0.1382 newtons.

PDU - See Protocol Data Unit.

Peer-to-Peer - Refers to a network architecture where each computer serves as a terminal and a server.

Perigee - Is the point in a satellite's orbit where it is closest to its body of rotation.

PERL - Is the Practical Extraction and Report Language. It is a programming language with many of the features of AWK, SED, C, PASCAL and the various unix shells.

PGP - Refers to Pretty Good Privacy. It is an encryption application.

Phase Delay - See Delay Distortion.

Pierre Rémond de Montmort - Is famed for his works and his book on probability Theory "Essay d'analyse sur les jeux de hazard" is a collection of games, problems and puzzles relating to this science.

Planks Constant - Is 6.625 x 10^-34 joule second.

PM - Refers to Phase Modulation.

PNG - Refers to a free compressed graphic format which has replaced the gif in many places and supported by the most current browsers.

poc or POC - Refers to Point of Contact.

POE - Is the Point of Entry.

Poisson, Simeón-Denis - See Simeón-Denis Poisson.

POP - Refers usually to Post Office Protocol or Post Office Port. Some writers have referred to POP as Point of Presence.

Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX - Is a set of standards developed by the IEEE and ISO defining how programs and operating systems should interface with each other.

POSIX - See Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX.

post-order traversal - See postorder traversal.

postorder traversal - Refers to a crawling of a tree that visits each node in the tree after visiting its children. Contrasts with preorder traversal.

Postscript - Is a file format and device language developed by Adobe used by postscript compatible devices. Many printers with the proper drivers can support this format/language.

PPP - Is Point to Point Protocol.

PNF - Is the Prenex Normal Form.

pre-order traversal - See preorder traversal.

preorder traversal - Refers to a crawling of a tree that visits each node in the tree before visiting its children. Contrasts with postorder traversal.

private data - Can be only used by members and friends of the class or its instansiation.

PRN - Is a printer file, typically in the postscript format.

Protocol Data Unit - Refers to a network communications packet.

PS - See Postscript.

PSK - Refers to Phase-shift Keying.

PSN - Refers to a Packet Switched Network.

PSTN or PSTNs - Are Public Switched Telephone Networks.

PTP - Refers to a Peer-To-Peer network.

public data - Is data that can be used by an user of the class or its instansiation.

Pull Technology - Refers to accessing or extracting information from a different location.

Push Down List - See stack.

Push Technology - Refers to information flowing to an user from a host, vendor, or server.

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