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OASIS® - Is the place where Finance and Technology converge. It can refer to Online Applications Systems and Investment Services.. Overlay Asset Strategies and Investment Services and software for online and traditional investment activities.

OBD - Refers to Out of Band Data.

Object - Is an instance of a class.

OBDD - Refers to an Ordered Binary Decision Diagram.

OCD - Refers to an Operations Concept Document.

OCR - Refers Optical Character Recognition. This is computer software that once loaded can translate bitmap images into ASCII text through pattern recognization techniques.

ODB - Is an Operational Database.

OEM or OEMs - Refer to Original Equipment Manufacturers.

OLCC or OLCCs - Refer to OASIS Live Content Channels.

OLE - Refers to Object Linking and Embedding.

OMA - Refers to the Object Management Architecture.

Omega - Refers to the last, end or final point, step, process, iteration, entity or so forth. It is related to 9999.

Online - Refers to ability to communicate with another computer via telecommunications. Previously, it implied a more direct connection to a dedicated computer. Since the mid 1990s, it has taken on a broader context of being able to use the net or World Wide Web.

OOP - Is Object Oriented Programming.

OR - Refers to Operations Research.

Ordered Binary Decision Diagram - Is a way of expressing a decision tree where all equal sub expressions have been eliminated and all variables occur in the same ordering on all paths from the root of the Binary Decision Diagram.

OS - Refers to Operating System.

OSI - Refers to Open Systems Interconnection, which is a set of standards engineered to allow computer systems to exchange data.

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